Our Cancer Action Councils continue to meet without missing a beat even during this pandemic. They have dug in their heels, bringing strengthen and purpose to serve their community. March, April, May, June, July and now August groups have met to review their research questions and decide how to proceed with their projects. 

We have eight CAC’s now, and we bring them all together every six months in what we call “All CACs” meetings. With everything shuttered due to COVID-19, we were not sure how to meet for our big June meeting. But, after a few successful Zoom meetings, we decided to meet virtualy via Zoom.

Volunteer CAC Member Event Advisors

  • Craig Cook, Oakland County CAC
  • Turesa Lewis, Oakland County CAC

These meetings are designed to build a sense of community between CAC members, while continuing to educate the groups on various aspects of research. We would have a warm up game to get our meetings started but how would be do that on zoom? We decide to have a scavenger hunt. That worked out nicely.

Our guest speakers were:

  • April Brown, Director, Concierge Services, presented on Patient Navigation.
  • Theresa A. Hastert, PhD, MPP. Assistant Professor Department of Oncology
  • Wayne State University School of Medicine presented – How to conduct a Focus Group
  • Lauren M. Hamel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Oncology, presented on her newly funded project with ACS on Cancer Financial Toxicity
  • Dr. Hayley S. Thompson Ph.D. Professor, Department of Oncology, Wayne State University School of Medicine

Volunteer CAC Leadership Presenter and Staff Partners

  • ACCESS CAC- Ghada Aziz/
  • African American Men’s Health, CAC- Truman Hudson Ph.D.
  • Conner Creek CAC, Anitta Y. Orr/Brittney Dowe
  • Genesee County- Priscilla Jenkins/Voncile Brown-Miller
  • LGBTQ CAC, Forrest Hosea/ Knoll Larkin
  • Macomb County CAC, Christina Lombardo/Voncile Brown-Miller
  • Oakland County CAC, Brenda Threatt Chambers/ Voncile Brown-Miller
  • Western Wayne CAC, Bernice Bankhead/ Carie Francis

With the help of our CAC staff working behind the scenes with Zoom technical aspects and the CAC volunteer leadership who enhance the event with their program suggestion that improved the flow of the program. Volunteer Cancer Action Council member leadership presentations on their current activities and pictorial introduction of their members was perfect. We had a wonderful program that achieve the main objectives, that was to bring all CAC members together on one accord and to learn and share more about the science of research.
We had 64 participants, and 8 staff present. Special thanks to Knoll Larkin, MPH, and Hayley Thompson, Ph.D., for their support.

CAC Staff Support

  • Brittney Dowe
  • Carie Francis
  • Forrest Hosea
  • Knoll Larkin
  • Truman Hudson
  • Voncile Brown-Miller