Hayley S. Thompson, Ph.D.

Professor, Wayne State University Department of Oncology
Associate Center Director, Community Outreach & Engagement
Faculty Director, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-9734
Email: thompsoh@karmanos.org

Knoll Larkin, MPH

Director, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-9691
Email: Larkink@karmanos.org

Voncile Brown-Miller

Outreach Manager, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-8296
Email: millerv@karmanos.org

Brittany Dowe, MPH

Research Associate, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-8876
Email: doweb@karmanos.org

Sheena Cresswell, MPH

Research Associate, OCHECE
Email: cresswes@karmanos.org

Carie Francis, MPA

Director of Community-engaged Research Infrastructure, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-8285
Email: francisc@karmanos.org

Truman Hudson, Jr., Ph.D.

Project Coordinator, OCHECE
Phone: 313-576-8875
Email: hudsont@karmanos.org

Anne Katz, Ph.D.

Project Director, OCHECE
Email: katza@karmanos.org

Kris Johns, MHSA

Research Associate, OCHECE
Email: johnsk@karmanos.org
Phone: 810-348-4437

Shoma Pal, MPH, MBA

Consultant, OCHECE
Email: pals@karmanos.org

Lezina Topciu

Phone: 313-576-8259
Email: Topciul@karmanos.org