Western Wayne Cancer Action Council

Western Wayne CAC Graduation

Read more about the early activities of this group in this report:  PCORI-Detroit-HealthLink-Final-Report-Feb-2019.pdf (289 downloads)

Western Wayne Cancer Action Council Members:

Bernice Renee Bankhead

Cancer Survivor

Resident of Inkster

Associates Degree

Vision is to involve more community efforts with patients to address cancer issues and obtain more information to help educate others.

Current Affiliations:

  • Partner for Healthier Community
Denise Franklin

Wife of 36 years, mother of 2 daughters, grandmother of 3 grandchildren, retired from Ford Motor Company

Strong community advocate for underserved families in and around Inkster

Vision is to empower others about cancer care and diagnosis through her strong advocacy skills. Her mom, nephew, dad and brother all had cancer so it is very close to her heart.

Current Affiliations:

  • Co-owner of Pretty Yummy Bakery
  • Executive Board Member of Operation Refuge
  • Member of Christ Temple City of Refuge
Diane S. Brown

Mother is a three-time cancer survivor, lost 4 cousins to cancer. She is a wife, a mother of 3 and grandmother of 3.

Maranatha School of Ministry—emphasis on community outreach & training

Voice student at Art Center Music School

Vision is to come up with solutions to help cancer patients, survivors and their families with a passion for cancer research.

Gaylotta Murray
Gennifer Williams

Proud mother of her 20-year old son studying Biology at Virginia Union University and 10-year old daughter in 4th grade

Southern University A&M College

Vision is to provide an extended amount of time with supports, follow-up and resources for residents of Inkster for the end goal of their research project to help the community in regards to cancer.

Current Affiliations:

  • Operation Refuge
  • Camp Inspire STEAM
  • Inkster Task Force
Maria Jones

Mother of 3 sons with a medical background of 15+ years

Associates Degree in General Sciences

Vision to learn how cancer affects people in her community, how to better engage and communicate prevention to people in the community, treatment for various forms of cancer and overall knowledge of cancer effects.

Current Affiliations:

  • Back at Home—Detroit-based community organization volunteer and organizer
Robert Johnson

Hospital CEO/COO throughout the U.S. in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., St. Louis, MO, Atlanta, Detroit, as well as extensive international travel and hospital commissioning consulting in Nigeria and Gabon.

B.S. Biology Tennessee State University, 1963

M.H.A. Hospital Administration University of Michigan School of Public Health, 1971

Current Affiliations:

  • Vice President of Hospital Systems, Princeton Healthcare Inc.
  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, RBJ Enterprises, LLC
Tristan Shalise Amos

Oldest of 4 children, mom is a breast and cervical cancer survivor, mother of 2 girls.

Southwestern High School Graduate, Detroit 2001

Associates Degree in Business, Baker College 2010

Certified Lactation Counselor, 2013

Vision is to gain more insight on cancer, what triggers it, and how to educate others and myself on how to survive it. Develop more support within and around the community. Hope for a cure one day and excited to give tremendous support for these efforts. Wants to be proactive to help protect loved ones from breast and cervical cancer and an advocate for breastfeeding to decrease risk of reproductive cancers.

Current Affiliations:

  • Wayne County WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
Velma Overman

Recently widowed after 40 years of marriage, mother of 3, grandmother of 2, she cared for her ailing spouse and travels on behalf of her community’s needs by presenting concerns at the State and National level. Retired from Ford Motor Company after 30 years, she is a sought after speaker, trusted minister and beloved friend preparing for her 5th foreign mission trip.

Vision is an extension of her long-time history of community activism and advocacy and her life’s mission is to fully engage on behalf of those whose voices are not often heard, motivated by the love of God.

Current Affiliations:

  • Pastor of Outreach at Christ Temple City of Refuge in Inkster
  • Executive Director of Operation Refuge
  • Chair of Inkster Food Council
  • United Way Executive Food Council Member
  • Inkster Ministerial Alliance Board Member
  • Western Wayne Health Center Board
  • Oakwood Teen Health Center Advisory Board Member
  • Inkster Task Force Project Manager
  • Prevention of Substance Abuse and Misuse Work Group Chair
  • Inkster Police and Fire Pension Vice-Chair
  • Inkster Family Literacy Movement Executive Board Member